Dispensing Pumps

SKU: Dispensing Pump

Electric on-demand dispensing pumps for oil and antifreeze

Graco on-demand dispensing pumps utilize a pressure sensing system to start and stop the pump when the hose valve is opened or closed.

Our on-demand pumps are available with a 115 volt AC motor or a 12 volt DC motor. The 115 VAC units offer a flow rate of 2.3 gpm for automotive applications and a 4.0 gpm flow rate for large equipment service. Maximum pressure for the 115 VAC units is 650 psi (45 bar) and 400 psi for the 12 VDC units.


- Automotive Service
- Equipment Service
- Farm and Machinery
- Service Truck Maintenance

General Information: 
  • UL Listed for gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene and fuel oil (260000)
  • Motors are designed for 30-minute duty cycle
  • High output flow up to 12 gpm (45 lpm)
  • Die cast aluminum construction is lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • Easy servicing without disconnecting any electrical connections