SKU: LineDriver

Double your striping production!

Why walk when you can ride? Connect LineDriver to your LineLazer IV striper and double your striping production. The LineDriver is engineered to meet your needs, revolutionizing the way you work while completing jobs in half the time.


- Parking Lots
- Bike Paths
- Airport Runways
- Roadways
- Malls
- Sports Fields (with turf tires)
- Intersections

General Information: 
  • Forward speeds to 10 mph (16 km/h), reverse speeds to 6 mph (10 km/h) - change directions instantly for consistent lines
  • By maintaining striping speed, LineDriver helps you produce a more consistent line thickness (film build) for more precise and longer-lasting stripes
  • Exclusive dual pedal design (patented) for forward and reverse
  • Exclusive Advanced Vibration Reduction System (patent pending) eliminates engine vibration while keeping line quality the best in the industry
  • Exclusive FlexBeam Break-A-Way Light System is fully adjustable for all types of low light conditions (patent pending)
Engine Type: 
Honda 160cc
Rated Load Speed: 
10 mph
Fuel Tank(l):