LineLazer IV 200HS Auto-Layout System

SKU: LineLazer IV 200 HSAL

Only Graco can pre-mark and apply stripes in 1 pass!

Increased performance along with the exclusive Auto-Layout System makes the LineLazer 200HS the preferred striper for professional contractors who demand unmatched hydraulic power.


- Parking Lots
- Paths
- Airport Runways
- Roadways
- Malls

General Information: 
  • Finish striping jobs faster - 30% faster with walk behind stripers and 50% faster using the LineDriver.
  • Less hassle, less fatigue - no bending to mark the lines and read a tape measure.
  • Pin point accuracy - accurate to 1/4 inch at 100 feet.
  • TTake the pain out of layout - no more tape measures, calculating errors, guessing, sore backs, wasted energy, or missed opportunities.
  • New Digital Display now shows psi, mph, mils-instant average, lineal foot, gallons and mils-total - all on one screen!
  • Max Tip: .047 (one gun), .034 (two guns)
Engine Type: 
Honda 160cc
227 bar