Floor Scrubber: BR Vario 400

SKU: BR Vario 400
This all-rounder can be used on all hard floors for deep cleaning, maintenance cleaning, stripping, crystallizing, shampooing and polishing. The BR Vario 400 is the flattest machine in its class. With its low build of 170 mm, the machine can clean under furniture, partitions and radiators. The contra-rotating roller brushes means the scrubbing head does not wander.

Area performance(m2/h): 
450 m2/h
Rotation Speed(rpm): 
1080 rpm (brush)
Power (W): 
1600 W (motor)
Power Supply(V): 
230 V
Working Width(mm): 
400 mm
30 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): 
620 x 510 x 360 mm